What are Set and Setting During a mushroom trip?

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When it comes to the psychedelic experience, there is much information about what to expect and how to take care of oneself while under the influence. The two most important elements that one must consider before taking any substance are set and setting.

As with any other type of exploration, people should be mindful of themselves and their surroundings when deciding to use magic mushrooms. With that said, let’s take a closer look at the set and setting.


Set refers to the mindset that one has before they attempt to use a psychedelic. Those who are new to psychedelics should be aware of the level of comfort and connection that they have with someone present during their trip. Having the right mindset will help them get through any challenging moments that are bound to arise when one is tripping.

It is also important for those suffering from mental health issues and/or taking psychiatric medications to wait at least three weeks before using psychedelic substances. This is because the use of psychedelics may make what they are dealing with much harder to cope with.

When one is under the influence of psychedelics, their subconscious may be pulled up to the surface and cause an upheaval. There have been many reported cases where people who have PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) had a bad trip while using psychedelics. This can be attributed to them allowing themselves to get too deep into whatever they are experiencing if they allow it.


Setting refers to the physical setting that someone chooses for their psychedelic experience. It’s important that people choose a safe place with somebody they know as trustworthy and have some tripping experience. Having a sitter will help ensure safety and comfort during any type of psychedelic experience.

It is also important to remember that psychedelics intensify sounds and visuals and that their body will feel different than it does on a normal day. Those who are in the presence of people they don’t know or trust may cause them to freak out if something feels uncomfortable during their trip.

The physical setting for psychedelic use should be comfortable, familiar, and safe as possible without other distractions (unless desired). The ideal environment is one with few visual stimuli to focus on what’s happening internally. Darkness is preferred over light as well; this helps avoid stray lights getting into one’s field of vision, which distracts from the experience itself.

If someone has chosen an unfamiliar place for the setting, they should be mindful of any escape routes if they begin to feel anxious or uncomfortable. If it is in a new place entirely, the user should plan their trip accordingly and not use psychedelics while alone.

What are Example Set and Settings?

Let’s clarify by taking a look at some examples.

Good Setting, Bad Mindset

For Joey’s first mushroom trip, he decides to go to a familiar place in his house. However, he just got fired from his job the night before and is feeling upset about it. This is not a good mindset for him to be in for his first trip, and he may have a hard time enjoying himself if he doesn’t find the right way to deal with what’s going on internally.

Joey should consider waiting until another day to take mushrooms; this will allow him to clear his head and have a more positive experience if he decides to use psychedelics.

Bad Setting, Good Mindset

For Amanda’s first mushroom trip, she has decided to visit the Big Apple for the weekend. She has been looking forward to this trip for a while, but after arriving in New York City, she feels overwhelmed by it all. As exciting as the city can be, Amanda has a hard time coping with being in that environment and chooses to go back home before her trip really gets started.

Good Setting, Good Mindset

Juliette is an experienced psychonaut who has taken psychedelics a dozen times. She now feels comfortable tripping at a music festival with a group of friends.

She is also keenly aware of her own mental state and knows if she feels uncomfortable at any point, she can reach out to her friends for support.

Bad Setting, Bad Mindset

Ben is alone on vacation when a stranger offers him some mushrooms. He is still new to psychedelics and isn’t sure if he will have a good experience or not, so he thinks it’s best to accept the offer.

Ben decides to go for a swim in an ocean cave that has no light source other than from his phone. He feels like he can’t get out of the water when he begins to freak out and panics because of this.

How to Decide on Set and Setting?

What makes a good set and setting are entirely personal. Introverts don’t have the same idea of what is fun as extroverts do, and one person’s idea of a good setting may not be the same for someone else.

Most importantly, be honest with yourself. If you aren’t in the right mindset or environment, it’s better to wait until your next trip to let that happen.

Where to Find Magic Mushrooms In Canda?

Now that you know what to look out for, it’s time to figure out where to get some magic mushrooms.

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Set and setting can make or break any psychedelic experience; leading someone into a bad mood will likely cause them to have a bad trip while being surrounded by loved ones who are there for you may lead one into an amazing life-changing experience. Taking some of your surroundings into consideration before taking psychedelics can help ensure they have an enjoyable trip.

With the right precautions and mindset set, you will be able to have a mind-expanding experience that can help change your life for the better.

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