Should you set an intention before tripping on magic mushrooms?

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What is the best way to approach a trip on magic mushrooms? One popular opinion is that you should set an intention before you take your first bite. Setting an intention can help with personal growth, making for a more enjoyable experience.

But how do you decide what to set your intention as? And how do you know if it will work at all?

This article explores some different approaches and considerations when setting intentions before taking magic mushrooms. It includes information about various ways of creating intentions, why they are important, common objections people have about them, and general ideas for goals to shoot for while tripping on psychedelics.

Techniques for setting an intention

Before you eat a magic mushroom, you can set an intention in several different ways. The most common way to do this is to approach the experience by envisioning what sort of mindset you’d like to have while tripping.

Some people create blessings and affirmations about what they feel grateful for and wish for during their trip. You can also reflect on a problem that needs solving or write out your goals in advance. All of these techniques help you frame the rest of your trip in a certain light and put yourself into the right mindset before taking it.

What are “set and setting?”

A popular idea within the psychedelic culture is set-and-setting, which basically means that your mindset has a big impact on what sort of trip you’ll have.

Set-and-setting is a concept that’s been around for years (it was used by Timothy Leary when he initially started using acid in the 1960s), but it’s still useful today. It means that your mindset can make a huge impact on how much you get out of the experience.

Of course, setting an intention before taking shrooms isn’t going to guarantee that your trip will go perfectly according to plan. But some people believe that a well-developed purpose can help with focus and set you up for a more meaningful psychedelic experience overall.

Why are intentions important?

Intentions are important because they give you something concrete to work towards during your trip. If you have an idea of what sort of mindset or perspective you want to achieve while tripping.

For example, suppose you decide before taking drugs that you’d like to become more self-accepting and confident during your trip. In that case, you can focus on different ways of improving your negative thoughts about yourself throughout the experience. If you intend to grow closer with a loved one who will be joining in on the shroom adventure, then spending time together once high becomes even more valuable because there’s a clear purpose behind it all.

Most people believe that intentions should be simple rather than complicated. The best intentions are ones that help you achieve something meaningful–like becoming more self-accepting or creating a more loving relationship with a loved one. In general, the less you try to accomplish while tripping, the easier it will be to get down to business and do what’s truly important for your trip.

How can setting an intention affect my trip?

Some people believe that setting an intention beforehand makes their mindsets stronger while they’re high because they’re going into the experience knowing exactly what they want.

Setting goals can help keep you focused throughout the trip so that you don’t just go on aimlessly wondering about whatever random thoughts pop into your head. It also helps ensure that you see certain parts of your experience–like reflections about who you are as a person–as being valuable in and of yourself.

What are some examples of intention?

Some examples include: “I intend to become more honest with myself,” “I intend to grow closer with my girlfriend or boyfriend,” or “I intend to reach a level of comfort while nude.” These aren’t the only sort of intentions you could set while tripping–they’re just a starting place to give you some ideas.

Another example of an intention you could set is “I intend to let go of my regrets and forgive myself for what I’ve done in the past.”

You don’t need to have a specific goal in mind when setting your intentions. The lightest goals are ones like “I intend to enjoy myself,” or “I intend for this trip to be meaningful and profound tomorrow”–both of which can help you work towards enjoying yourself throughout the experience, as long as you realize that the value of the trip happens after it’s over.

Finally, some people set intentions during their trip to gain specific insights about themselves and others.

Since psychedelics can be so effective at changing your perspective, it’s a good idea to develop an idea before you take them on what you want to learn from the experience and how you’re going to apply what you’ve learned afterwards.

How do I decide what my intentions should be?

It really is up to you. It might be easier if your goal is something that matters to you–something that has been holding back your happiness for a long time or something that will move forward the way you see yourself moving through life. You can also think about creating multiple intentions instead of just one, which you can then choose to focus on during different parts of the trip.

Your intentions don’t have to be about something serious, either. You could decide that you intend to create a fun and light-hearted relationship with another participant in your trip or to grow closer with the drug itself–which you might interpret as meaning “to gain an understanding of how magic mushrooms affect my life.” By deciding what sort of mindset you want to cultivate before your trip begins, then while tripping, it will be easier for you to get into that mindset since it’s the only one you’ve got.

What shouldn’t I do while setting an intention?

Since setting an intention before tripping is all about having concrete plans, it’s probably not a good idea to try and negotiate what sort of experience you’ll have on psychedelics. The whole point is that your mindset at the moment has more control over how your trip goes than anything else.

If you go into your experience thinking: “I hope I learn something about relationships,” then there’s little way for you to know whether you did or not. It’s better to set an intention beforehand so that you know exactly what your mindset will be.

Should everyone set intentions before taking magic mushrooms?

Setting intentions can be very valuable, especially if this works well for you, but it’s not a requirement. You’re free to let your mindset develop as spontaneously as you’d like throughout the trip.


Should you set an intention before tripping on magic mushrooms? In a word, yes. Pre-planning will significantly increase your ability to enjoy a meaningful and worthwhile experience while taking psychedelics.

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