Shroom Tea (South African Green Rooiboos)

$CDN 10.00$CDN 180.00

CAFFEINE FREE – Rooibos “ROY-boss” has been popular in Africa for centuries. The flavour is very similar to Green Tea, strong bitter and grassy, which complimnets and covers the mushroom taste nicely.  Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-histamine, anti-aging – this is a miracle tea!

Here at Magic Mushrooms Online we are glad to offer you an exciting new way to consume your mushrooms! Our organic tea blends will meet the needs of every tea drinker.

Available with 1 Gram or 2 Gram Dosing per bag – also NEW MICRODOSE TEA 200mg/teabag!

TEABAGS: NewBEP tea bags are 100% natural, unbleached, designed as purely as possible so that the taste of tea is not affected by the bags,and also the paper thin enough to allow the tea to seep through easily, steeps a flavor full and enjoyable brew!


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