Huautla Magic Mushrooms

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Buy Hualta Magic Mushrooms in Canada

Arguably the oldest scientifically classified Psilocybe cubensis, named for the village of Huaulta de Jimenez in the Oxcana state of Mexico. They often induce a spiritial experience along with feelings of deep connection to others and your surroundings, and a sense of profound calm peace and unity, somewhat comparable to an enhanced meditative state.

The name of the town is itself an icon for the fungi and what they represent to a national and transnational audience. Here Gordon R. Wasson first tried Psilocybe mushrooms becoming the first white person to have experienced a magic mushroom ceremony.

This is the magic mushroom that Maria Sabina used for her veladas. It carries with it a spiritual load unequaled in Psilocybe cubensis strains.

Huautla magic mushrooms are tall and thin and have a uniquely shaped caps.


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