BRAINIAC Microdosing Psilocybin Capsules

$CDN 39.99

BRAINPOWER. One word. The microdosing psilocybin revolution is fully underway.  Lion’s mane organic mushrooms are proven to enhance cognition and memory.  Combined with the known creative and diverse cognitive properties of Psilocybin, our BRAINIAC microdose blend will push your brainpower to the next level.  This powerful duo works through multiple neurological pathways to improve your  focus and attention, while increasing creativity and diversifying cognitive processes on a biological level.

200mg w/Organic Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Each bottle contains 30 capsules. Each capsule is 200mg Psilocybin plus 200mg Microdose Blend.

Recommend Dosage: Take one capsule every second day upon waking up.

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