Our Mission

We have a simple mission: to bring people’s health and wellness back to life through the amazing properties of nature’s functional mushrooms. Over thousands of years, dating back to early civilizations, humans have used the medicinal properties of mushrooms to support both mental and physical health. Let us bring this age-old philosophy to you again to promote a healthy lifestyle. Simply put, we are absolutely obsessed with the healing power of mushrooms and we hope you will be too.


  • Each product we sell, we plant a tree. So far, we have planted more than 10,000 trees worldwide. So why do you ask for trees? Because trees and mushrooms have an incredible prehistoric relationship. Subsurface fungal networks help connect roots to more than 95% of the world’s plants and trees. That has earned them the fitting title of the ” Forest Internet”. Mushrooms help facilitate the absorbtion of minerals and minerals by trees and, in return, the roots of the trees receive sustainable sugars that are not needed by the fungi. Fungus that connects to tree roots contains up to 70% of carbon in the soil and is critical in our fight against climate change.
  • Due to the fact that our products are 100% USDA organic, our products limit the amount of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and chemicals that are being leached into our environment.


  • No B.S. money back guarantee. We seriously just want you to be healthy and happy with our products.
  • Our customers’ satisfaction is always our No. 1 priority. And we are always there for you.
  • Mushroom podcasts, blogs, videos and e-books 100% free mushroom-focused to inspire and revive the culture around mushrooms.


  • Everything we produce is laboratory tested by third parties, so we are always transparent with the results.
  • Our products are 100% USDA certified organic, vegan, gluten free, KOF-Kosher certified, NSF Certified GMP.
  • Our fruiting bodies are 100% mushrooms (i.e. real mushrooms), no mycelium on cereals, no fillers, no fluff. Moreover, we are totally transparent on our labeling and support all our decisions with hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific articles.