What are “magic mushrooms (shrooms)” and how do they cause hallucinations?

magic mushrooms hallucinations

What effects do hallucinogenic mushrooms, also known as “magic mushrooms (shrooms)”, affect on our brain, and how do they cause hallucinations?

The modern medicine provides several medications and substances that are useful, not only for physical conditions, but also for emotional moods. Though health care professionals do not approve of these medications, sleeping pills or antidepressants are some of the medications that most people use and need. In general, when we look at drugs, they are substances that help us regulate the things that are wrong with our bodies. Due to these characteristics, drugs have often aroused people’s curiosity. “How does the painkiller know where it hurts?” Among the drugs that cause such questions, those that directly affect the brain are substances that have a very complex structure and their way of working differs from person to person. Many types of these drugs are inspired by the types of mushrooms found in nature and are a wonderful miracle in themselves.

Mushrooms, which have millions of species, also include those with quite different characteristics in this overpopulated number of species. We can use these creations, which are the miracles of nature, sometimes as food, sometimes as production and sometimes as medicine. Mushrooms used as medicine, that is, hallucinogenic mushrooms known as “magic mushrooms“, cause hallucinations in the eater when consumed in the right ratio, can solve sleep problems if the person has them, reduce depression and can be extremely fun.

magic mushroom

It is very difficult to hallucinate a complex functional structure like the human brain. These mushrooms, which can do it with the right ingredients, contain mostly psilocybin and psilocin. These two substances naturally present in magic mushrooms are extremely important for the production of medicines.

1. Psilocybin


Psilocybin is the substance found in magic mushrooms that greatly causes hallucinatory effects. This substance, which is in no way harmful, can instantly relieve people with obsessive-compulsive disorder of this serious problem and can provide them with a trouble-free life for up to 24 hours. Patients with OCD think too much about a subject, feeling, idea or behaviour, and these thoughts have an “overload” effect on the person’s brain because all thoughts are negative. Although it can instantly eliminate this severe psychological discomfort, psilocybin, which causes severe hallucinogenic effects, is therefore only given to patients with serious conditions under the supervision of a doctor. Today, work is underway to produce a version of this substance that does not cause hallucinations.

2. Psilocin


Psilocine, the fragmented form of psilocybin, can be small in size because it is broken down by the liver and directly affects the nervous system in the brain. Psilocine, which affects the neurotransmitter serotonin and triggers the production of serotonin, which instantly provides emotions such as happiness, peace, vitality and excitement, essentially allows magic mushrooms to create the effect of happiness. At the same time, psilocin, which affects the nuclei of the raph, which plays a major role in vision and sensory tasks, allows almost all brain processes to be performed at the same time, so that parts of the brain that normally do not function at the same time work with the user, hallucinating, experiencing mood changes and temporary memory loss. Psilocin, which is similar to LSD, a drug based on its effects, is not harmful at all, unlike LSD, but the changes it causes can be quite dangerous for uncontrolled individuals. Its effect lasts much less than psilocybin, about 3 hours.

Positive Effects of Hallucinogenic drugs

(Visual examples simulating images seen under the influence of shrooms)

Two main factors that make magic mushrooms “magical” explain why these mushrooms are so different and precious. Though they are included in the medicine class in most countries, the right magic mushrooms do not cause any damage to the body if they are consumed by microdosing. However, the effect of the hallucinations occurring can also cause the patient to see things that create trauma. Because of this, users should start with low doses, entirely under the control of a doctor, so they do not completely disconnect from reality and perform brain functions.

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