Health Canada Approves The Use of Psychedelics For Therapy

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While this may come as a shock to some, those who pioneered research into drugs that affect the brain have known the potential for psychedelics to treat mental health problems for years. But it’s only recently that Canada has considered approval of these illegal substances to be used as an alternative treatment method.

Canada’s government agency, Health Canada, gave therapists the green light to prescribe previously-illegal psychedelics for their patients. The substances, including psilocybin mushrooms, MDMA, and Ketamine, are now allowed to be used by therapists due to their growing popularity as an alternative treatment method.

What do psychedelics have to do with mental health? It’s quite simple, really; they help us see things differently. Since we sell shrooms in Canada, we would like to look at how magic mushrooms are being used to treat mental health problems.

How Psychedelics Treat Mental Health

Psychedelic drugs have been illegal for decades, but that may be all about to change. With the recent legalization of marijuana in Canada, seeing most psychedelics become legal soon wouldn’t be surprising.

Researchers agree that these illegal substances haven’t been given a fair shot at proving their worth. In fact, many researchers believe they could revolutionize how we treat mental health problems.

For example, scientists have found that shrooms can help with anxiety disorders and depression because they cause an altered state of consciousness.

But the exact way psychedelics help is still being investigated. While scientists wait for their studies to be approved by Health Canada, early research suggests there are three ways psychedelic drugs may treat mental health symptoms.

Psychedelics stimulate parts of the brain involved in emotional processing

When you ingest psilocybin mushrooms or other psychedelic drugs, your brain is impacted in lasting ways that may result in long-term relief from mental health symptoms.

This stimulation leads to an increased flow of information between parts of the brain known as the anterior cingulate cortex and the medial prefrontal cortex. These areas are involved in emotional processing and regulating functions like mood, fear, and aggression.

Psychedelics impact serotonin levels in the brain

Your serotonin levels also play a role in how you process emotions and store memories. When these levels are out of whack, it can lead to mental health symptoms like anxiety and depression.

Psychedelic drugs increase the release of serotonin from neurons, which seems to cause long-term changes in how the brain processes serotonin. It may take years of research to understand exactly what is happening, but scientists are hopeful that we could eventually use these drugs to treat mental health symptoms.

Psychedelics alter your state of consciousness

Psychedelic drugs cause an altered state of consciousness that allows you to break free from rigid thought patterns. This may help with anxiety disorders and depression because it makes you more open to new ideas or ways of thinking, contributing to mental health problems like habitual negative thinking.

It is important to note that while these drugs have shown promising results in early studies, there are still risks involved. While some people do not experience any negative side-effects, others do, and it is difficult to predict who will experience these negative effects or how severe they might be.

That said, psychedelics could revolutionize the way mental health problems are treated in Canada.

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What Is The Difference Between Tripping and Microdosing?

When trying to improve your mental health through psychedelics such as shrooms, there are two main ways to go about; microdosing and tripping. Let’s explore each one and see how they might affect you and how they fit with your lifestyle.


The most common way to ingest these drugs is simply to take a moderate amount and go on a trip. New users can probably achieve this effect with as little as 2g of Golden Teachers.

This amount of mushrooms is enough to make you feel lucid and a little bit trippy, but it won’t be overwhelming. As users gain more experience with psychedelics, they might want to try a stronger dose of around 3g-5g of psilocybin shrooms.

The effects of tripping are varied and complex and may differ for every user.

Some users report feeling relaxed and at ease, while others become anxious or paranoid. For some, psychedelics may cause feelings of deep introspection and spirituality. Others experience a sensory overload and feel like they are part of the world around them.

Tripping can last anywhere from 4-6 hours, depending on how much you take and your physical health. If you have never taken a psychedelic before, it is strongly recommended that you have somebody to guide you through the experience.

Psilocybin tripping is not for everyone, and some people should not try it at all due to their mental or physical health condition.


Microdosing involves regularly taking small amounts of psychedelic drugs to help treat your mental health symptoms.

Although the effects may not be as strong as tripping, microdosing can still improve mood and bring about feelings of positivity that might otherwise take weeks or years with conventional therapy.

As the name suggests, you only need a very small dose to get these benefits. Microdosing is usually done with LSD or psilocybin mushrooms such as Golden Teacher, and the usual dose is about 0.1-0.3g for mushrooms.

Since microdosing doesn’t produce significant effects immediately, many people use it 2-3 times weekly over a period of weeks or months. Microdosing shouldn’t be done for more than two months, followed by a two-month break before starting again.

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