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The Beginner’s Guide to LSD

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When most people hear LSD, they think of peace-loving hippies and 1960s counterculture. Nowadays, this seems to be a pretty far stretch from who we consider typical LSD users today: anyone and everyone. From Silicon Valley to the music industry, passing by Wall Street, an ever-growing number of people from different backgrounds and professions are […]

Health Canada Approves The Use of Psychedelics For Therapy

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While this may come as a shock to some, those who pioneered research into drugs that affect the brain have known the potential for psychedelics to treat mental health problems for years. But it’s only recently that Canada has considered approval of these illegal substances to be used as an alternative treatment method. Canada’s government […]

What does it feel like to trip on mushrooms?

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The psychoactive properties of mushrooms are not well understood, but they have been used for centuries. They can induce a euphoric and/or hallucinogenic state that will differ from person to person. Some people may be able to experience the effects of the mushroom, while others may find it too intense or overwhelming. Mushrooms are typically […]

Top 5 common myths surrounding magic mushrooms

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For those of you who have never heard the word “psychedelic” before, it’s a term used to describe any mind-altering substance that produces sensory and perceptual changes. Common psychedelics include LSD, psilocybin (magic mushrooms), mescaline, and DMT. These substances are often used for medicinal purposes, such as treating depression or addiction, but there is still […]

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